About Icon Films

We deliver stories with a twist.  Energetic, ambitious and constantly evolving, Icon Films has been making films for over 20 years.  From Animal Planet US highest rating series ever, River Monsters, to access documentary series Sandhurst for BBC4, and as preferred suppliers to The One Show, we give value for money, original content and always deliver. 

We work with wild animals, household names, acknowledged experts in a diverse range of fields and bring accessibility, revelation and storytelling to the screen. In the past two years we have filmed across the world in over 25 countries.  The combination of hybrid vigour and robustness coupled with maturity gives us the ability to bring logistically challenging productions to the screen with our distinctive brand. 

It's a fabulous documentary, though – purely observational, nonjudgmental, refreshingly lacking a comedy narration from someone who was once in Green Wing. The viewer decides what to think. review
— Sandhurst: Sam Wollaston, The Guardian 20-9-11