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Our Friend in the West: Comment by Laura Marshall for Royal Television Society

While celebrating Bristol’s success as a creative hub, Laura wonders why some London commissioners treat her as a yokel

Icon Films is based in Bristol, and this febrile, effervescent hub out south west is a fine place to be an indie. It's a dichotomous city, considered conservative and prosperous (think tobacco, Ministry of Defence and banking), but with a long history of innovation and dissent (think Cabot, Brunel and Wesley).

Bristol is home to some of the most innovative companies and institutions in the land. Quantum physicists and playwrights mingle here, using the formal and informal networks that exist – and, through this restless connectivity and constant hubbub, comes great work.

Independence is valued and encouraged – indeed, our elected mayor is an independent – and we have a Bristol Independence Day to celebrate independent traders. We even have our own currency, the Bristol Pound. And this year, Bristol takes on the mantle of European Green Capital.

How does this spirit support the creative industries? While we may be the third-largest production centre in the UK (after Manchester), we can't ignore the fact that we are dwarfed by London and the commissioning power centred there. In Bristol, we know we have to punch above our weight.



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Success: Merchant Venturer Laura Marshall talks to Bristol Post about Icon Films' Expansion

Laura Marshall runs one of the most successful independent TV productions in Bristol. Laura and her husband Harry are the driving force behind Icon Films and are fast becoming serious players in the national and international media scene.

And for a woman who describes herself as “slothful” Laura is a bundle of energy who is committed to putting something back into the community.

She is on the board of trustees at the Old Vic and is also a governor at the Merchants Academy.

And the mother-of-three is also one of the first women in the city to become a fully paid-up member of the Merchant Venturers.


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Viewpoint: The Importance of Being Indie



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Inspiring Women's Enterprise in TV

By Laura Marshall

Laura Marshall is guest speaker at 'Inspiring Women's Enterprise in TV' - a one day workshop aimed at women working as freelancers or employees in the TV production industry; women returning to the industry after a career break; women with relevant transferable skills seeking a career in TV production.

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