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Why we sponsored a Gromit

We made a film with an amazing man called Dominic Hurtford.  He received one of the early non related bone marrow transplants at the old Children's hospital and never looked back.  That was nearly 20 years ago. 

He is now a doctor working with the children who he can sympathise with like no other doctor.  He was there.  

There is a lot  in the news about hospital infections and Children's hospitals are the worst.  If you ever visit a ward at the children's hospital you'll  immediately understand.  You are infected by a desire to do something useful and there is no remedy except to do it.  So at Icon Films  we are now also helping document the Gromit Unleashed project.  Various artists and celebrities have agreed to decorate their own bespoke personal Gromits – supersized fibre glass models – and they look brilliant.  The Gromits will be on display around Bristol and then there will be an auction to raise the money needed for this extraordinary place where they make children better.  

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