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Iconites raise more than £2000 for Nepal

By Bess Manley, Director Icon Films 

On Saturday April 25th 2015 Icon's film crew wrapped filming in the remote mountains of Nepal and began the long journey home. The first leg was an 8 hour drive along the narrow base of the Kali Gandaki gorge. Above our heads the cliffs were peppered with giant boulders, which clung precariously to the steep  sides.  Finally, the valley widened and our convoy began snaking its way away from the vertical cliff faces. That's when we got the call...there had been an earthquake.

Unable to distinguish it from the lurching of our vehicles on the rocky terrain, we had been blissfully unaware of the tremor, but now our drivers and local crew began furiously punching at their mobile phones, trying to get through to their loved ones in Kathmandu, with little success. The phone lines were down. Eventually some news got through: our fixer's wife had fallen, cracked her skull and was bleeding badly. We later found out that she was one of the lucky ones. More than 8000 people died that day in the biggest  earthquake to hit Nepal in over 80 years. 

We too were unbelievably lucky. Had we left a few hours later that morning, we would still  have been in the gorge where those unstable rocks reportedly rained down when the Earth shook.

Nepal needs our support. This week another quake further ravaged the country and with the impending monsoon, there is much urgent work to be done.  So a massive THANK YOU to all Iconites for your generous donations. Harry and Laura matched our contribution bringing the grand total to a whopping £2098 which has been divided between DEC and Nepal in Need. 

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