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River Monsters with Jeremy Wade - in 3D - a word from Cinematographer Brendan McGinty

River Monsters is intrinsically perfect material for a stereo narrative. I slightly imagined this might be the case prior to shooting... but the viewing really blew me away... the narrative is a perfect stereo companion.

What it delivers is what the original dream of 3D was... taking you to an exotic or unfamiliar place and making it more real.  Blue people, comic book heroes, Hollywood actors etc are not real... so the illusion is wasted...we know it’s not Real.
River Monsters is Real. (I am using Real here in inverted commas... not sure I believe in the reality of anything...but I think you will get what I mean). You are a Real angler (audiences are drawn to the authenticity of this) taking us on a Real journey to a dusty, waterlogged, exotic Real place.
The volume and texture that the 3D achieves, serves to confirm to the audience this Reality.
The tremendous volume of the Okavango’s dark water and the volume of the Tiger Fish hidden in it aside, an added sensation is the unique texture of the Okavango.
The texture here is fascinating ...ragged clothing, dust caked skin, fish scales, slime, sweaty witchdoctors...loads of Real texture.
That it’s all hand held is perfect (and this is meant to be impossible to achieve in 3D)...as it becomes an experiential journey for the audience.
They travel with you looking over your shoulder at this mysterious place... this movement through depth doesn't happen in 2D, the looking around a thing doesn't happen in 2D.

River Monsters on one level is a narrative of surface... you journey through levels of surface (both geographic and discursive) to discover the Truth, bringing a creature from beneath the surface of the water to reveal its 'monstrous' volume.  Conceptually this is the dream of 3D.

River Monsters with Jeremy Wade Pack premieres on 3NET Sunday 8th April at 10pm e/t 


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