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Wild Scene Investigators at Bristol Festival of Nature

We brought the gadgetry, clips from the show and wildlife knowledge of the show into the live arena, from poo identification to thieving rats, few subjects from the show were left unexplored.

We used a snake and a volunteer from the audience to demonstrate how reptiles are cold blooded and therefore don’t show up on thermal cameras.  A scary fact when looking for the Goat Sucking Ghoul in Texas, any rattle snakes would have been hidden to the thermal camera’s vision!

We showed that any budding naturalist can have a go at solving wildlife mysteries.   Wild Scene is about bringing wildlife investigation into everyone’s neighbourhood. Camera traps are cheap and wildlife info is easy to research. So go into your patch, find some signs of wildlife, put a camera trap up then sit back and see what you get.  Like the Wild Scene team, you may really surprised!


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