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Hey guys... remember me, Alphie, Alphie Marshall.

I’ve been on holiday for a week, yeh it’s been great, and whilst sitting back on the Cornish rocks with intermittent sun I’ve really had the time to think…

Icon’s changed a lot since I was born 11 years ago (yes I’m 11).

I recently (a year ago) thought about Icon birthday cards and now I have another thought. Well I have many…

Why do my colleagues keep getting stuck in the lift? I haven’t taken the lift since 2014 and I would advise you all to do the same, it happens a lot. I mean at least once a month. The worst is at a party and all I hear is offers of champagne as a sorry. Quite frankly guys, walk with me (also Alice designed some great posters that were by the lift and someone took them down and this could have led to more lift accidents).

The lifts generally aren’t great for me, I’ve got stuck in the right hand one a few times. Up I was mistakenly sent, all alone with just my reflection as a companion, then down I went.  I pooed myself I was so scared, luckily Alice cleared it up. But I wanna tell you guys. Walk, walk, walk, run even... Just don’t get in the lift.

Secondly I cannot stop reading the pee chart, I can’t stop. Every time I sneakily go to pee in the loo- I read it. And I think the purple wee comment is funny. I said it, I laugh.

My third thought…as I am getting older I see the Icon employees around me and I think, hey am I getting old or are they getting young. I dunno, but I do care, I ask myself ‘what is the deal?’ Is Icon cool- yeh course it is I’ve known that since I was 5 years old ( 2010 ) yet it seems to attract all these great young people. I didn’t know fishing was such a big deal with the youth of Bristol. Hey I’m not complaining - the youth are more accepting of my tail.

Another thing I have thought about this during my time in Cornwall is The One Show. They seem to have it all, the glamour, the laughs and the ball based games. However as I have spent more time down there I have come to realise it’s a lie. They eat Tesco baguettes on shoots, and they constantly work on weird films like the history of the brown button.

Hey I love them downstairs don’t get me wrong, and I show that love when I rub my bum across the carpet on the Monday Morning Meeting. Oh you want me to talk about that one? Sure, I’ll lend you my musings, I LIKE IT. I get to listen to everyone’s stories. Their travels, their thanks, their complaints. Hell, sometimes I close my eyes and pretend I am on a boat at sea and this is my crew. We work together to sail across the sea on a voyage to reach… hell I dunno.

Anyway got to go, mackerel is on the table.

More thoughts next time I go away and get some bloody time to think.

Au revoir my two legged pals.


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