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Instant Wit, Bristol’s own improv comedy group, will highlight some of the absurdities in modern life.

Catherine Langabeer of Julie’s Bicycle, sustainability advisors to the arts and music industries, tells us about the Arts Council’s far reaching new green strategy.

Llyr Morus adds drama, revealing how the BBC has built sustainability into Cardiff’s Roath Lock studios.

Nathan Sale, from the commercial genius of Aardman, reveals how LED lighting reduces the risk of heatstroke for animators.

Bath Bike Workshop & Cycles Maximus tell us how they contributed to the BBC’s John Bishop Sport Relief Hell (in a positive way… ).

Bristol design agency Yoke inspire us with their ethical approach.

And Chris Johnson takes us behind the scenes at the Shambala Festival.


Come for a drink, a laugh and maybe that bit of sustainability inspiration that you can try out in your production!

For more information see the Think Future Now website here or book your tickets on the eventbrite link here:

This is a fringe event in Bristol’s Big Green Week – for more info click here


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