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Icon Films contributes to Earth Day 2012

James had already worked with 1000heads New York Producer Sam Alani, and was excited to suggest Icon’s Dan Huertas (fresh from presenting “Wild Scene Investigation” for Nat Geo Wild) as an ideal host for a four-way debate to be held on Skype’s Group Video Call platform between four of the US’ leading “eco-thinkers”.

Bringing together Andy Rossmeissl in New York, Shawna Coronado in Chicago, Priscilla Woolworth in Los Angeles and Stephanie Moram in Texas - not in one room - but on one screen all via a temporary “studio” in Icon’s kitchen (handily equipped with 50mbps internet!) was certainly an original approach to “shooting”, but one that was ideal for the project’s green ethos.

The resulting nine minute video has been viewed some 62,907 times in the five days since the launch and Icon Films was delighted to be able to have played a part in encouraging people across the States to engage with Earth Day 2012.

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