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Treasure Trove Of Gremlins Found In Borneo

This has major implications for the slow loris, which is under severe threat throughout Asia. Hugely popular in the traditional medicine trade, used as photo props, and sold in the pet trade, slow lorises are moving from country to country. Well-meaning groups 'rescue' lorises and rarely follow proper guidelines when 'releasing' them back to the wild, meaning that the wrong species of loris has found itself in many a new place throughout Asia, if they have survived the traumatising practice of hard release to the wild in the first place. Of course not only are these direct anthropogenic threat causing decline in loris populations, but the major threat to all of Asia's wildlife is rapid loss of habitat for an incessant demand for timber, and loss of forest for industries such as oil palm plantations. In Borneo in particular, from where three of the new species hail, this will mean that three new lorises will be added as threatened to some degree on the IUCN Red List of threatened species. With more than 40% of the world's primates already threatened with extinction, this brings the toll even higher.

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