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Jeremy Wade Live: River Monsters Photo Exhibition

For one afternoon only, Jeremy will be offering a special insight into each photograph currently on display in the inaugural River Monsters #WhatWeSee photography exhibition at Bristol Aquarium.

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Icon Films sink their teeth into vampire lore for Channel 4 and WNET

Icon Films, has been commissioned by Channel 4 to produce a 1 x 60 England’s Vampires in association with THIRTEEN Productions LLC for WNET.

Icon Films is to produce ‘England’s Vampires’ a one hour documentary that brings together medieval manuscripts, new archaeological finds and a shocking interview with a real-life vampire slayer shedding light on disturbing rituals from Europe’s past and to show that Dracula’s roots lie in fact not fiction.

In 2004 Professor John Blair from Oxford University, made the connection between folktales from Medieval manuscripts describing rituals to dispatch the walking dead and archaeological finds of disturbed Anglo Saxon graves.  There was a striking similarity between the violent actions performed on the skeletons in the grave and what was described by the texts. Could this be proof that the folktales were real?  Then Professor Blair came across a case of a vampire slaying in modern Romania.  The ritual that the vampire slayer described bore striking similarities to those described by the medieval text. The three pieces of evidence stack up to suggest that in Medieval England there was indeed a belief in Vampires.

The documentary goes on to explore why this belief in vampires may have existed and why people were motivated to perform such gruesome acts on a corpse. 

Channel 4 and THIRTEEN commissioned the documentary, which will be distributed by PBS Distribution

‘Commissioned for Channel 4’s Secret History strand and PBS’s Secrets of the Dead strand, it is exciting to bring together historical and archaeological evidence to shed new light on a part of our history that until now has been little known about and even less understood.  The results make chilling Television’ said Owen Gay, Executive Producer, Icon Films



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Ahoy! Icon Films to explore the Big Business of Big Boats for Channel 4

Channel 4 Factual Entertainment docks a commission for ‘Multi Million Pound Mega-Yachts’ (w/t)

Channel 4 has commissioned Bristol based production company, Icon Films to produce a 1x60’ behind the scenes look at the super-exclusive world of the South of France’s yachting community.

At least 60m in length, the mega-yachts docked along the affluent ports and harbours on the Mediterranean coast are pinnacles of wealth, luxury and opulence. This film will be meeting the super-wealthy owners, the crew, cutting-edge designers, builders and brokers of these incredible yachts.

The film will follow the big business of big boats across one summer season as they gear up for the The Monaco Yacht Show in September. Taking place in Monaco’s Port Herculé, it is the centre of the yachting universe and moors some of the largest, most expensive and most glamorous mega-yachts in the Mediterranean.

Speaking on the commission, Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, Lucy Leveugle said:

"This insight into mega-yachts is remarkable access to the experiences of the global elite. It will follow the stories of people who all contribute to this very contemporary symbol of wealth."

TCB Media Rights will distribute the programme.

Multi Million Pound Mega-yachts (w/t) will air later this year on Channel 4 


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Icon Films in association with Natural History Film Unit Botswana produce Wildlife Epic for Nat Geo WILD





Years in the Making, Miniseries Event Will Uncover the

Characters and Storylines in the Live-or-Die Life of Remote Africa


Big Game of Thrones Premieres in 2016


(WASHINGTON, D.C. – July 29, 2015) HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones” is renowned for its fascinating characters and plot twists that tell a fantastical story in a magical world. Nat Geo WILD’s Big Game of Throneswt needs no magic to tell its real-life story of ruthless predators and powerful prey whose interconnected lives expose rivalries, betrayals, battles, struggles and triumphs. It is a never-ending crusade for survival with characters so wild and conflict so cutthroat that no fiction can do it justice. Big Game of Thrones wt, the epic miniseries event produced by Icon Films in association with Natural History Unit Botswana, will premiere on Nat Geo WILD globally in 2016.


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'It Goes Up Like a Lead Balloon' for Icon Films, University of Bristol & BBC One Show

Icon Films and University of Bristol Engineering Department Build The UK’s First Successful Lead Balloon, for BBC’s One Show

Bristol based independent TV production company, Icon Films, teams up with Engineering Design Students from University of Bristol to design and construct the UK’s First Lead Balloon, for The One Show.

Following their successful challenge in 2014 building a functional chocolate teapot, Icon Films and Marty Jopson enlist the expertise of University of Bristol’s Engineering Design Students to dispel the idiom and prove it is possible to fly a Lead Balloon.

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BBC & Animal Planet team up for 'Return of the Giant Killers; Africa's Lion Kings'

Icon Films, in association with Natural History Film Unit Botswana have been commissioned by the BBC and Animal Planet US to produce a follow up to their award winning ‘Africa’s Giant Killers’ documentary ‘The Return of the Giant Killers; Africa’s Lion Kings’.

This one hour documentary film reunites director cinematographer Brad Bestelink and film photographer Richard Uren to capture more extraordinary wildlife footage in the Savute Game Reserve in Botswana. The film will again form part of the BBC’s Natural World strand.

Published in 

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River Monsters Returns to Monster Week on Animal Planet

Consider this an official warning – MONSTER WEEK returns to Animal Planet from Sunday May 17th, and it’s jam-packed with some of the most terrifying beasts to ever have inhabited Earth. That’s why this year’s MONSTER WEEK needs nine nights to investigate these horrifying creatures, whose teeth and claws strike fear into viewers watching from the comfort of their living rooms. 

MONSTER WEEK wraps with an epic two-hour extended Director's Cut  RIVER MONSTERS:  Jurassic-Sized Prehistoric Terror, as freshwater detective Jeremy Wade embarks on a mission to uncover horrifying killers from the depths of time. Featuring never-before-seen footage, monster-sized catches and one of the most horrifying creatures Jeremy ever has laid hands on, this special episode of Animal Planet’s most-watched series explores fearsome, prehistoric beasts that are brought back to life by combining Jeremy’s unique understanding of modern-day monsters with state-of-the-art CGI. Super-sized piranhas, fanged swamp sharks and the nightmarish ‘buzz-saw killer’ are but a few of the real-life predators from long-lost worlds that Jeremy encounters on his quest to unveil the most terrifying RIVER MONSTERS that ever have lived.

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Icon Films launch River Monsters YouTube Channel

Icon Films has today launched the first official YouTube channel dedicated to its global hit ‘River Monsters’ brand.

The company is collaborating with YouTube specialist Little Dot Studios to create the dedicated channel devoted to the TV programme, now in production of its 8th season. ‘River Monsters’ is sold worldwide to 109 territories to over 20 different language channels and is the biggest show on Animal Planet US.

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River Monsters a whopper for Icon Films

A programme about flesh-eating fish in the remote Kali River in the Himalayas has attracted millions of viewers worldwide

By Rebecca Burn-Callander, The Telegraph  

The remote Kali River in the Himalayas is home to a flesh-eating monster that has carried out fatal attacks on Indian and Nepalese villagers over two decades.

Seven years ago, a fisherman set out to find the river-dwelling creature, catch it, and solve the riddle of what had been eating the swimmers. The fisherman’s name was Jeremy Wade.

He has now become the frontman for one of the most successful fishing series of all time, River Monsters, which has been broadcast in 100 countries in 20 languages.

Created by Bristol-based Icon Films, River Monsters is now the top-rated show on US cable channel Animal Planet, and attracts up to 2.8m viewers when new episodes are premiered in the UK on ITV. 

This article first appeared in The Telegraph April 28th 2015 

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River Monsters is renewed by Animal Planet as Season 7 opener reels in record ratings

RIVER MONSTERS debuted on Animal Planet Sunday 12th April 2015 with a monstrous season premiere, ranking as the most-watched River Monsters opener – and most-watched season premiere ever on the network - among P25-54 in ratings (1.2) and delivery (1.15M) based on Live+3 data, which includes three days of time-shifted viewing. The season opener, “Canadian Horror,” reeled in 1.9M P2+ viewers, 1.3M HH and 1.1M P18-49 in L+3.  

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Icon Films’ EP Stephen McQuillan To Lead Company’s Development Team

Icon Films has expanded Exec Producer  Stephen McQuillan role to encompass Head of Development. His strong journalistic and broad factual background will allow Icon Films to build on their reputation as Specialist Factual producers.

McQuillan joined Icon Films in 2013.  He will continue to EP and in his new role will head up the development team and spearhead the strategy to expand the company’s factual output.

Stephen said ‘It is an exciting challenge to lead the development team at Icon in a time when we are seeking growth in new areas.  I hope we can create new factual formats and continue to produce shows that we are all proud of.”

Harry Marshall, Creative Director of Icon Films, said ‘Stephen's appointment will allow us to expand into new areas. It's  fantastic to have his seasoned judgement and experience of the industry with a proven ability to not only deliver but also surprise and delight'.


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Animal Planet's #1 Series Returns April 5th 2015


Animal Planet’s best-performing series returns with the most daring RIVER MONSTERS expeditions to-date. Jeremy Wade, freshwater detective, biologist and extreme angler, is breaking the surface and diving into the lairs of aquatic beasts with six brand-new episodes of the seventh season of RIVER MONSTERS, premiering Sunday, April 5, at 9 PM (ET/PT).

In the RIVER MONSTERS season finale, Wade travels back in time to uncover the greatest river monster that ever lived in the ground-breaking special RIVER MONSTERS: PREHISTORIC TERROR, premiering in late May during Animal Planet’s fourth annual MONSTER WEEK. 

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Africa's Giant Killers wins Best Natural History at RTS WOE

Africa's Giant Killers Natural World filmed and directed by Brad Bestelink, Natural History Film Unit Botswana, has picked up the Best Natural History Award at the RTS West of England 2014/15 Awards.  

The judges said "the winning film engaged the viewer on a compelling emotional level, has stunning and outstanding footage that was beautifully edited -  beautiful and brutal in equal measure".

The Awards Ceremony was held at Bristol Old Vic on Sunday March 8th 2015 and hosted by Steve Backshall.

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Behind the Scenes of Africa's Fishing Leopards

Of all the large predators in the African bush, leopards are by far the most secretive. Just finding them is tricky; sticking with them, and filming the intimate details of their lives, is something that required luck, determination, and a great deal of time. But it was a challenge that my friend Richard Uren and I always felt privileged to be taking on.

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Secrets of the Dead recounts the story of the Craven Street Bones

When the skeletal remains of an estimated 28 people were discovered in the basement of the one-time London residence of Benjamin Franklin, people speculated that the Founding Father might have had a much darker side.

What had taken place in this elegant Georgian town house located in the heart of London at 36 Craven Street? Who was responsible for this hideaway of bones? Had the work of a serial killer been unearthed?

Secrets of the Dead investigates the mystery of Ben Franklin’s Bones, airing nationally Wednesday, January 28, 2015 from 10-11 pm ET on PBS 

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Icon Films' Leopards 21st Century Cats picks up Wildscreen Panda for Best Editing

Rupert Troskie was awarded Best Editing for Leopards 21st Century Cats.  The film was writtenand directed by Steven Gooder and produced by Icon Films, for  BBC2’s Natural World. 

The ceremony was held at the Passenger Shed in Bristol, before a packed audience and presented by Patrick Aryee and Monty Halls 


To the ends of the Earth without a guide

‘Place our presenter at the heart of a tribe to learn ancient skills, before he embarks on a death-defying challenge in the bush / forest / wilderness / open ocean.’ A standard sort of a brief. Luckily, Hazen Audell is a tireless adventurer so the death-defying challenges were looking good. Finding suitable locations and tribes, however, would be a different matter.

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Icon Films Bolsters Growth With New Appointments

Icon Films has hired Stephen McQuillan and Jonathan Jackson to join their Senior Management Team as part of the strategy to grow the company. McQuillan has joined as Executive Producer to work across development and production, and Jackson has been appointed to the newly created role of Financial Director.

In addition Tom Cooper has been hired as Post Production Supervisor and will be managing the existing in-house off-line edit suites and digital strategy as well as overseeing the fit out of 6 new off-line suites that are part of the office expansion.

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Africa's Giant Killers - A Cameraman's Perspective

Brad Bestelink recounts some of the extraordinary scenes he witnessed filming Africa's Giant Killers for BBCTwo  Natural World 

Richard Uren and I spent two demanding (both physically and mentally) but immensely rewarding years filming in Savute, Botswana. Being able to immerse yourself fully in what was happening only happens in a few select places and only in very particular times.

This is the ultimate confrontation, where the biggest and strongest confront each other to play out the greatest battle found in the wilds of Africa. And when lions hunt elephants, it ignites an unusual sense of horror and desperation. We lived surrounded by these scenes of horror and desperation for so long that we became numb to it, just as we became immune to the smell of death that permeated everything. 

This aritcle first appeared in Broadcast 11th April 2014

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River Monsters' Sixth-Season Premiere Is The Most Watched Season Debut in Animal Planet History

Via Press Relase from Animal Planet 

 First-Ever Live Aftershow, RIVER MONSTERS: LIVE WITH JEREMY WADE, Hooks 1 Million Viewers and Doubled Social-media Numbers -

(New York, April 7, 2014) - RIVER MONSTERS, Animal Planet's best-performing series ever, debuted Sunday with the most-watched-season premiere and also ranked as the most-watched network season premiere among key demos (975K P18-49, 639K M18-49, 605K P18-34 and 595K M25-54). The two-hour opener, "Amazon Apocalypse," caught 1.7M P2+ viewers, 1.2M HH and 915K P25-54. 

Following the season premiere at 11 PM ET/PT, Animal Planet's first-ever live aftershow, RIVER MONSTERS: LIVE WITH JEREMY WADE, drew in a strong 1M P2+ viewers.

Fans also were hooked on RIVER MONSTERS online and across social platforms, as the season premiere saw an 85 percent increase in Twitter activity compared to last season's premiere. RIVER MONSTERS was among the top-five social shows in cable last night, excluding sports and special events, according to Nielsen's SocialGuide. RIVER MONSTERS: LIVE WITH JEREMY WADE continued on AnimalPlanet.com, which contributed to three times the amount of unique visitors/streams to the RIVER MONSTERS fansite when compared with last season's premiere.

In the sixth-season premiere, extreme angler Jeremy Wade took viewers along as he investigated the sinking of the Sobra Santos - one of the Amazon's largest maritime disasters - with as many as 200 passengers losing their lives to something mysterious in the waters.

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Icon Films heads to USA to launch Season 6 of River Monsters

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Icon Films scores 12 nominations at RTS West of England Awards

After weeks of intensive viewing and a day of enthusiastic debate, the experienced and distinguished judges have delivered their verdict in the fields of network television, on-screen talent, craft, digital media and regional television news for the RTS West Of England Awards

The BBC’s Natural History Unit leads the way with a total of 20 nominations for a wide range of programmes it has made and commissioned. Stand-out shows include Africa, Wild Arabia, Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero and The Natural World Series. 

Production company Icon Films has scored 12 nominations spanning categories from best specialist factual to best newcomer, for shows such as River Monsters, BigFoot Files and Hustling America. 

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River Monsters wins Angling Times Best TV Show Of The Year 2013

Following the recent announcement that Angling Times readers have voted River Monsters TV Show Of The Year for the second consecutive year, Jeremy Wade had this to say:

"This award is very gratifying. We set out to make River Monsters appeal to a wide audience, including non-anglers, because that is the only way to get angling on terrestrial TV, and we have done that very successfully. One unexpected bonus is the large number of children who are getting excited about fish and the wider natural world through the programmes. But at the same time we of course want keep the attention of anglers, who are the real enthusiasts when it comes to the underwater world. They say that you can't please all of the people all of the time, but this award seems to suggest that we're doing something right. Thank you AT readers!"


River Monsters Goes Live

Join Jeremy Wade, live on tour throughout March 2014, for an evening of mystery, mayhem and monster wrangling. 

Book your tickets now at www.rivermonsters.tv 

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How big boots led to Bigfoot

How do you turn a pair of hiking boots into a film about the yeti?  Well, it’s a long story – so, here goes.

In 1997 I was in the kingdom of Bhutan making a natural history film called The Last Shangri-La. We had a local nomad as a guide called Nado (which means Black) who carried all our equipment on his surly yaks from camp to camp. Nado wore an old pair of holey plimsolls – through which his toes poked -  but every morning,  when I woke, he’d be making the fire and feeding the yaks and have on my excellent Gore-Tex trekking boots, which I’d leave the night before to dry out by the fire. 

As we came to the end of the expedition Nado suggested that if I gave him my boots I could sleep with his wife back at his village. I made a counter offer. If he told me where I could film a Migyur – the name the local give to the yeti - he could have my boots.

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Has A British Scientist Finally Unlocked The Mystery of The Yeti?

New DNA research on hair samples by Professor Bryan Sykes, a leading British geneticist, may reveal the answer to the centuries-old mystery of the Yeti: it is a genetic match to an ancient polar bear.

The results feature in a new Channel 4 documentary series, Bigfoot Files (starts October 20th) presented by Mark Evans, who sets off on a global quest to unlock the real story of Bigfoot.

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Landing an ob-doc at Animal Airport

Nicholoas Head on Juggling airport -security checks with flamingos and tigers

Observational shooting these days, more often than not, means a one-man, multi-skilled cam-op/soundie/producer/director/AP/researcher /runner doing all jobs simultaneously while carrying all their own kit, collecting release forms and logging as they go.

Now add to that going through full airport-security checks roughly ten times per day, which include removing belts, boots and bags and any metal - and trying not to get run over by a jumbo jet.

It’s all in an average day for the Animal Airport directors as we document the lives of the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre staff who check animals in and out of the country.

This aritcle first appeared in Broadcast 24th September 2013

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The man who hustled Al Capone

By Alexis Conran

I’ve always been interested in the world of gambling and proposition bets – outlandish tales of men who would bet huge amounts of money on anything and everything. Sometimes it would be as simple as guessing how many watermelons were in a truck but at other times it would require tremendous skill. Their physical dedication rivalled that of Olympic athletes and their mental abilities were up there with maths geniuses.

I read all the stories of famous hustlers who lived by their wits, and fell in love with that world, which has found its way into Hollywood movies from Ocean’s 11 to The Sting. And, after makinThe Real Hustle for BBC Three, when the opportunity arose to follow in the footsteps of my idols for Channel 5 in the three-part series Hustling America, I knew it was going to be a very personal journey. The question was would I be good enough to emulate the greatest gamblers of all time?

This article first appeared in The Telegraph Monday 9th September 2013

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Place your bets on how well we hustled the US

By Martin Turner 

We wanted to follow in the footsteps of famous con men, says Martin Turner

Once, sharp-suited, fast-talking con men travelled across the US from town to town, offering outlandish ‘proposition bets’ to anyone with a dollar to their name.

These wagers were, of course, skewed in the hustler’s favour, usually involving some obscure skill they’d practised for years or a trick that only they knew.

In sending Alex Conran in their footsteps, we wanted to combine the most devious historic bets with new ones. For inspiration, we turned to the very best: legendary hustlers such as Titanic Thompson and Amarillo Slim.

This article first appeared in Broadcast September 12th 2013 

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Desert Seas

By Jamsheed Din

Published in Dimensions International

The raw footage was breath-taking. On Bob Pollock’s TV screen, an under-water world that only a few had ever seen was revealing itself. Weeks of hard work had paid off.

“I saw spectacular scenes that nobody has ever seen before — this is what the people of Saudi Arabia don’t know exists right outside their door,” said Pollock. Pollock, of Saudi Aramco’s Media Productions Division (MPD), had been working with award winning U.K. film makers to capture the subsurface worlds of the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. The uncut footage had justified all the time and effort — the film crew had struck gold. A global audience would now have the chance to see the hidden treasures that lie beneath the two seas that flank the East and West Coasts of Saudi Arabia. The Arabian Gulf was formed at the end of the last Ice Age, some 10,000 years ago, and the Red Sea’s history goes back even further. This story, however, begins back in 2008


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Sky Goes Fishing In 3D With River Monsters

River Monsters Pack of Teeth in 3D, An Icon Films Production for Discovery Communications LLC in association with itv Global Entertainment, airs on Sky 3D Channel Wednesday 31st July 2013

River Monsters Pack of Teeth sees intrepid biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade venture deep into exotic back waters in search of a flesh-eating river monster but this time, there’s an added dimension.

Shot in glorious 3D, you’re right there with him like never before as he navigates the Okavango delta of Botswana investigating sinister stories of a deadly fish, rumoured to lurk unseen in these eerie waters. A killer with shark-like teeth, there are tales of it hunting in packs, feeding in frenzies on schooling fish and even human bodies. It sounds like the work of giant piranhas but there’s nothing like that here. Or is there? Monstrous fish may be the least of his worries though as Jeremy takes on scorching heat, irritable hippos and man eating crocodile on his mission to identify and catch this ravenous river monster.

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Academy Award winning star to promote Bristol in online film series


A series of online films featuring one of the world’s best-loved animated characters, Gromit, will be unveiled from Thursday 30 May, as part of a campaign to promote Bristol as a fabulous summer destination for a short break.

Commissioned by Destination Bristol, the film stars a five-foot sculpture of Gromit, one of 80 making up a major new public art trail called Gromit Unleashed, organised by Aardman Animations with charity partner The Grand Appeal. Each Gromit on the trail, set to hit the streets of Bristol this summer, is being designed by celebrities and artists including illustrator Raymond Briggs, comedian Harry Hill and designer Sir Paul Smith.

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River Monsters Season 5 Finale Grabs 2.2 Million Record-Breaking Viewers


The season finale of Animal Planet’s best-performing series ever, RIVER MONSTERS, netted a series high 2.2 million P2+ viewers on Monday night.  The Memorial Day, two-hour finale showcased extreme angler and biologist Jeremy Wade unlocking some of the mysteries of the Loch Ness Monster and capping off the network’s second annual Monster Week.  “Legend of Loch Ness” is the most-watched RIVER MONSTERS episode across all demos, including HH (1.4M); P18-49 (1.3M); P25-54 (1.2M); M18-49 (750K); M25-54 (711K); P18-34 (621K); W18-49 (505K); and W25-54 (482K).  The season five finale helped Animal Planet rank among the top two ad-supported cable networks of the night among M18-49, excluding sports. Animal Planet has officially greenlit a sixth season to debut in 2014.

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Icon Films picks up 2 awards at 2013 Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards

Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards has announced the award winners for this year's competition including two awards for Icon Films: 

Jungle Gremlins of Java for BBC2’s Natural World, Directed by Steve Gooder, has been awarded the Silver Hugo for Science and Nature Documentary Production.

Steve said  ‘I’m amazed but chuffed that the judges were so tickled by our lorises. ‘Hugos’ aren’t given away lightly, so this is a fantastic honour for Team Gremlin’. 

Million Dollar Moon Rock Heist for National Geographic Channels International, Directed by Jeremy Bristow, has been awarded a Certificate of Merit for History and Biography Documentary Production. 

Jeremy said ‘This was a fascinating film to make and would not have been possible without the extraordinary collaboration from NASA and the FBI.  I am delighted that it has been recognised by such a prestigious festival’.  

The ceremony awards night is being held at the Raddison Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago, USA on Tuesday 23rd April 2013 and all winning productions will be published on the festival's website after the event. 


River Monsters Season 5 Premiere Reels in Big Ratings ...

The network's best-performing series, RIVER MONSTERS, baited viewers with a two-hour, monster-sized season opener, "Face Ripper," in which host, biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade took viewers along as he investigated a horrific death in a Bolivian river where a man's face was ripped to shreds. The season premiere, which aired on Sunday, reeled in gigantic viewers with 1.8M P2+, making it the most-watched season debut in Animal Planet history and the second most watched episode of River Monsters ever.

Read more about Season Premiere of RIVER MONSTERS Reels in Big Ratings for Animal Planet - BWWTVWorld by tv.broadwayworld.com


NGCI Announces Bones of The Buddha

(WASHINGTON, DC – March 14, 2013)  National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) today announced the co-production of Bones of The Buddha (1x60) from Icon Films, which will premiere internationally on National Geographic Channel in early summer.    

Retracing the steps of an unexpected find in Northern India in 1898, Bones of The Buddha explores one of the most amazing discoveries in Buddhist history: a huge stone coffer containing five ancient soapstone jars, over 1000 separate jewels – as well as ash and bone. One of the jars has an inscription indicating that these were the remains of the Buddha himself. But, the most extraordinary find in Indian archaeology has been marred in doubt and scandal for over 100 years. For some, the whole thing is an elaborate hoax. For others, it is the final resting place of the messiah of one of the world’s great religions. Renowned historian of India, Charles Allen, sets out to solve this extraordinary mystery once and for all.


It's official - River Monsters Season 5 coming to the US on 7th April 2013

There are monsters still out there ... 'River Monsters' and angler Jeremy Wade Plunge into the most dramtic season yet of Animal Planet's best performing series as he goes in serach for murky man killers ...

There may come a time when the question of what lurks below is answered. But that time isn’t now. For four successful seasons of Animal Planet’s RIVER MONSTERS, host, biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade has searched for answers, taking viewers along as he unravels fish tales of giant killers – where sometimes the fact is stranger than the fiction!  


Icon Films picks up 3 awards at The Royal Television Society Awards West of England

Icon Films picked up three awards from their nine nominations at the prestigious RTS West of England Awards. 

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Jeremy Wade's 10 Best Rivers For Catching Monster Fish

By Laura Morrison for CNN 

Landing rows of razor teeth with fish attached is all in a day's work for the host of TV's most extreme fishing show.

As host of TV documentary series “River Monsters,” Wade travels the globe to seek out things that populate fishermen’s tales and non-fishermen's nightmares...

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Q&A with River Monsters Cameraman James Bickersteth

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A Dive Film in a Day?

By Sophie Morgan, Junior Assistant Producer, The One Show, Icon Films 

There’s one natural element that complicates working with electronic equipment... and that’s water. So what better way to challenge our intrepid One Show wildlife team than go under it in the search for the toothy Atlantic Wolf Fish?

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The Challenges of Filming Nocturnal Wildlife

If a large percentage of wildlife only become active after dark, how do you go about filming them? ...

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Round The World By Fish

Don't miss  live talk by Jeremy Wade @RiverMonstersUK Saturday July 21st at the Cheese and Grain in Frome. 

Doors open 6.30pm.  Event starts 7pm. 

Buy your tickets on line here  or call the Box Office 01375 455 420

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Wild Scene Investigators at Bristol Festival of Nature

By Dan Huertas

Last Saturday the rain sodden, wildlife hungry, people of Bristol were treated to a live presentation by Dan and Lorne - two thirds of the Wild Scene Investigation team -  at the Bristol Festival of Nature.  

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Operation Owl - ‘This is not a feature film, this is The One Show!’

By Sophie Morgan, Researcher / Coordinator

Our production manager’s words are still ringing in our ears as we leave the office to embark on our most ambitious 4.5 minutes yet. One presenter, three film crews with infrared cameras and an entire network of Londoners spread across our capital city, but will it be enough? ...

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Behind the Scenes of 'Million Dollar Moon Rock Heist'

... the biggest heist in NASA’s history.

Hi-tech espionage and claims of sex on the moon: this heist story had it all. But we needed both Nasa and the FBI to separate fact from fiction, says Cris Warren researcher/assistant producer

TX National Geographic, 10 May 2012, 9pm

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River Monsters in 3D 'Pack of Teeth' is getting some great reviews ...

By Mel Martin  - First appeared in 3DTV.com  24th April, 2012

I didn’t have super high hopes for River Monsters on 3Net, one of the 3D Channels from DirecTV. It was, I thought, likely to be yet another nature show set in Africa with lots of hype and little content ...  Wrong ... 

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Wild Scene Investigation

By Suzanne Yorke, Presenter

“You’re filming wildlife in downtown Raleigh?? There is no wildlife in downtown Raleigh!”

I stared speechless at the man who just stopped me on the street.  Surely he must be joking, I thought.  No wildlife in Raleigh, North Carolina? Tell that to Gadget Boy, Lorne, and the Hollywood stunt man harnessed to the chimney of a thirteen-story building busily constructing a specialized camera rig to capture the roosting behaviour of chimney swifts.  I smiled politely and walked past him to enter the building.  There was no time for a debate; I had to get up to the roof. Time was running out... 

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SUPERFISH: Bluefin Tuna

A film produced by our friends at Wild Logic, Premieres National Geographic Channel on April 12th, 2012 at 9 pm.

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Again, River Monsters is the Most Watched Season Debut in Animal Planet History

Fourth Season Premiere Of River Monsters Is Most-Watched Season Debut in Animal Planet History

1.8 Million Viewers Were Hooked on Season Premiere Episode with 10.5 Million Viewers Tuning in During the All-day RIVER MONSTERS Marathon

Fish on, indeed! Animal Planet snared its biggest fish yet with the season four premiere of RIVER MONSTERS, which aired Sunday with record highs. The episode, “American Killers,” delivered 1.8M P2+ viewers (1.77M), making it the most-watched season debut in Animal Planet history.RIVERS MONSTERS also saw its biggest audience yet among P25-54 with season-four debut.   

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River Monsters with Jeremy Wade - in 3D - a word from Cinematographer Brendan McGinty

River Monsters 3D is up there with Avatar as one of the 3D films of importance... I know this sounds hyperbolic, but I don't think it is. There are surprisingly few 3D films that have engaged with the uniqueness of the stereoscopic experience.

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Films Can Make A Difference - Jungles Gremlins of Java

By Laura Coates, Assistant Producer 

When we set out to make a film about slow lorises, the big question was ‘Why on earth is this cuddly-looking primate armed with a lethal, poisonous bite? (Very few mammals are venomous.) But even before we left for Indonesia we knew that lorises were getting hammered by illegal pet traders, and that this was going to be an important part of the story. The reality, when I saw the undercover footage we shot in the street markets, was truly shocking.  What makes it worthwhile, though, is seeing the amazing, positive impact that our film is now having…

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Sandhurst DVD's coming soon

The series, a warts and all immersion into the elite and sometimes brutal world of the British Army’s legendry officer training course, coming soon on DVD

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River Monsters Series 2 now on DVD ...

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Working with local crews can take a production to the next level

Harry Marshall talk to Broadcast about filming with local crew ahead of Wild India, airing on Nat Geo Wild UK Feb 13th 2012 at 8pm

This article first appeared in Broadcast (http://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/5037983.article

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