People find their way to Icon via different routes – a chance meeting in a queue, work experience at a stage of their lives when they are looking for something new, replying to an advertisement, persistent and yet appropriate contact with us or an approach from us to them are just a few. We admire and respect the people we work with and acknowledge there is something in them that stands out and makes us want to collaborate.


Developing our Team
At Icon we know that our success depends on our people.  We are dedicated to finding  and nurturing talent from as wide and diverse a group as possible. 

We pride ourselves on the stimulating and challenging environment we create, and our commitment to a review process that encourages feedback and discussion. We create development plans that meet the needs of the individual and the business. We continually seek ways to improve the performance of our business and everyone working with us, whether employees or freelance.

When we think about development we draw on all resources available to us, not only formal training courses but project work, on the job training, shadowing, knowledge sharing through lunch and learn sessions, seminars and online training.  We take time to evaluate all training and development for its effectiveness and relevance to decide if this works for us now and into the future.

We are committed to the personal and professional growth of all our staff. We will develop our company to meet the demands of the future and ensure that that Icon maintains and builds on its reputation as a talented, skilled and creative workforce.

Below are links to some of the organisations that we work with.









Bristol Film Academy

Creative People


St Johns Ambulance