Stephen McQuillan, Head of Factual

I joined Icon Films in 2013 after 15 years of making a range of Documentary, Specialist Factual and Current Affairs programmes, primarily for the BBC.  Having started in Watchdog in 1998 I moved on to produce films for The Money Programme, MacIntyre Investigates and Panorama.  In Special Factual I produced the BBC2 drama documentary The Secretary Who Stole £4million and developed the series Can Gerry Robinson Fix the NHS for BBC2.  After a rather enjoyable 4 year stint making documentaries and lazing on the beach in New Zealand (sometimes at the same time!) my family and I returned to the UK in 2010 settling in beautiful Somerset.  After a second stint on Panorama I made a one off for BBC Three following young people caught up in the August Riots and in 2012 made the three part series Britain’s Biggest Hoarders for BBC1 before joining Icon.  My career highlight was being verbally abused by TV’s “nicest” football presenter – the one famous for never having been booked – which as an Arsenal fan serves as a proud moment!

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