River Monsters 3D

1 x 60
Pack of Teeth
Animal Planet US, ITV Studios Global Entertainment
ITV Studios Global Entertainment
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Once again, intrepid biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade is venturing deep into exotic back waters in search of a flesh-eating river monster but this time, there’s an added dimension. Shot in glorious 3D, you’re right there with him like never before as he navigates the Okavango delta of Botswana investigating sinister stories of a deadly fish, rumoured to lurk unseen in these eerie waters. A killer with shark-like teeth, there are tales of it hunting in packs, feeding in frenzies on schooling fish and even human bodies. It sounds like the work of giant piranhas but there’s nothing like that here. Or is there? Monstrous fish may be the least of his worries though as Jeremy takes on scorching heat, irritable hippos and man eating crocodile on his mission to identify and catch this ravenous river monster.

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Wild Scene Investigation – 07 Jun 2012

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