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River Monsters Tribal Fishing
1 x 60 mins for Animal Planet US
Jeremy Wade lives with some of the world’s best tribal fishermen deep in the south pacific, who fish in some of the most shark infested waters. As Jeremy learns to fish and live as they do, he faces a tough challenge to be accepted and comes closer than ever to one of the world’s ultimate predators.

Beast Hunter
5 x 60 mins for Nat Geo
Pat Spain, a biologist and explorer travels the globe in search of mythical creatures, immersing himself amongst the tribes, people and cultures on his quest to find the truth between fact and fiction.

River Monsters Series 3
7 x 60 mins for Animal Planet US and ITV Studios Global Entertainment
7 x 30 mins for ITV1
Jeremy Wade is back with more investigations into the murky world of fishermen’s tales. Tales of river monsters that are frighteningly large, or dangerous, or both. Jeremy’s explorations reveal that the truth, while elusive and complex, is every bit as unbelievable as myth.