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Luke Willis

Luke came to the company in July 2013 on a Media and IT Apprenticeship through Cirencester College, which he discovered on the government’s apprenticeship website:

We asked Luke about his apprenticeship journey, and he compared it to having a full time job, but with one day a week out of the office at a relevant institution to work on coursework. This involved meeting up with other media apprenticeship students to complete his portfolio. With units such as digital graphics, photography and lighting, Luke said it was a good chance to learn new skills that could be added in his portfolio as well as take back to the workplace.

He didn’t feel university was the right route for him and the cost side also put him off. After a year of working in other roles, he began to search for an apprenticeship and as soon as he found the Media and IT apprenticeship at Icon Films, he says it seemed like everything he ever wanted.

“I never felt like I was alone”, said Luke. He told us how supported he felt when he started at Icon Films, and also throughout his apprenticeship. He also described Icon Films as a fun and relaxed place to work where his well-being is looked after”.

Luke secured a full-time job at Icon Films in 2014 as a Media and IT Assistant after his apprenticeship, with future aspirations to become a PTA (Production Technical Assistant) or Editor.

Jahlani Clarence

Jahlani Clarence was Icon Films’ first Apprentice and joined us in the IT department in September 2012, with the support coming from Cheltenham College. The role involved various jobs and tasks such as creating user accounts, setting up computers and other IT/technical jobs.

After successful completion of his apprenticeship, Jahlani was given a full time job as a runner at Icon Films. Six months after this, he was offered a role as a PTA. This involves helping out on shoots, setting up and maintaining filming equipment and assisting the production team.

Jahlani feels that his apprenticeship gave him hands-on experience that he couldn’t have got from working or studying alone.

Jahlani will also be going to Botswana for three months with others from the Icon Films production team to work on a new show. “I always look forward to going to work in the morning, just like I did with my apprenticeship”.

Alex Williams

Alex joined Icon Films in June 2015, with the role of Post-Production Apprentice. This role involves technological support; helping in the edit suites, and maintaining computers and other technology.

After studying graphic design at college, Alex took up an internship doing graphic design before hearing about the apprenticeship opportunity at Icon Films. “My apprenticeship was very structured and there was always support available, I felt valued by staff from the first day.”

Alex now works as a Post-Production Assistant, a role which he was promoted to after finishing his apprenticeship in 2016. A lot of his job role is similar to the tasks he carried out in his apprenticeship, so he feels that he had learned a lot of the skills he needs for his job. Alex says that he feels his apprenticeship was more valuable than a full time job or university course would have been. 

Will Bish

Will started his apprenticeship at Icon Films in June 2016 with the role of apprentice PTA and is due to complete his apprenticeship this year. He found this role whilst searching for jobs online. Will is very dedicated as he was travelling from Malmesbury every day for the first half of his apprenticeship before he moved to Bristol.

When he first started his apprenticeship at Icon Films, he helped the production team make some of the short films for BBC’s The One Show. This allowed Will to develop skills, increase his confidence and get a real hands-on experience.

Will has always had an interest in media, and has a musical background. He says that his apprenticeship has proven both enjoyable and useful and he strongly recommends an apprenticeship to anyone thinking of doing one.

He is involved in various tasks and jobs in the production side of Icon Films. This includes acting as a second camera man and helping out with post production. Will is hoping to stay on when he finishes his apprenticeship, remaining in PTA role or something similar.

Icon Films has worked closely with local colleges to help support apprenticeships within the media business. We are keen to increase opportunity and promote the fact that access to media jobs is not just through university alone.

Laura Marshall, Managing Director said: “Apprenticeships have brought new blood to Icon Films. The benefits of bringing in a new entrant with structured training are huge. It’s been particularly beneficial to us in that we have been able to retain this talent at the end of each of their apprenticeships.”

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Article written by Samii Ralph on work experience placement from Merchant’s Academy and Tracy Patfield, Operations Manager

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